MSBA Civil Trial Law Specialist Certification

Minnesota State Bar Association pic
Minnesota State Bar Association pic
Minnesota State Bar Association

For more than two decades, attorney Paul Sortland has practiced at Sortland Law Office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Additionally, Paul Sortland maintains civil trial law specialist certification with the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA).

A civil trial law attorney is tasked with representing clients before both federal and state courts in non-criminal legal proceedings. In Minnesota, the MSBA is responsible for certifying attorneys and ensuring that previously certified civil trial law practitioners renew after six years. The association has established a number of standards and requirements for attorneys to meet prior to applying for certification, such as making certification available only to attorneys active in the state.

The MSBA also provides attorneys with information on related certifications and continuing education opportunities, including courses such as Confidential Data Management in the Digital Age and Ethical Applications of Cutting Edge Legal Technology. More information regarding civil trial law certification can be found at